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The Arts of Healing

Arts of Healing

Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media Monoprints, Collage and Drawing

In Studio With

Cynthia R. Ebin, MA, MFA

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The concept of using creativity and ceremony to heal one self and help Mother Earth is of interest and intriguing to artists and non-artists alike. The creative arts have long been known by psychologists and therapists to promote mental health and catalyze on-going therapy to new limits.

Ms Ebins on-going workshop are created for participants who want to learn how to express themselves through the visual arts. The workshops are available in her studio by the session, weekly classes and weekend intensives. All materials are supplied and every student leaves with his/her own original artwork in a variety of mixed media. Previous training in art is not required.

Cynthia R. Ebin, internationally recognized sculptor, painter and instructor now brings her self-awareness techniques to the innate creator in us all.

Be guided on to your unique spiritual path through an intensive experiential workshop creating your Soul Print. This is a hands on class doing monoprints in mixed media using charcoal, acrylic painting, pastels and collage opening the pathway to your inner light. This journey will explore, expand and release your inner consciousness through Native American drumming, rattling, dancing and singing giving you a profound insight and validation of your true self.

Students leave The Arts of Healing classes with a sense of accomplishment, deeper knowledge of themselves and their masterpieces under their arms. Let Ms Ebin show you the way to self-empowerment through art using your own hands, heart and mind.

Call The Arts of Healing run by Ms Ebin today to find the day, evening or weekend schedule that is more convenient. Gift certificates are available.

Call Ebin Art Studio and The Arts of Healing, Woodland Hills CA – (818)-704-1737 – Mondays-Fridays 9-5 or send an email to

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“Taking The Arts of Healing intensive served as a fertile source for creative expression and is as valuable a tool for self-exploration as a dream.”

Jone Sears-Sullivan, Phd.

“As a practicing artist I feel you took me to a new place spiritually and creatively. The ceremonies with their Shamanic images brought us together with a binding energy… you encouraged us to free our mind of restrictions and apply color with abandon. Then you taught us how to find meaningful within the obscure… I am confident that I will find within the piece its true essence. I hope you’ll continue to share with others your methods of soul-awareness through art.”

Marylyn English – Artist