Horse Green

Akashic Records – Decent into Madness

Kiss of Death

Bird on Shoulder


See me

I am Carrying You

I Offer My Head

I Carry a Heavy Load

The Prayer

Ancient Horse Tale

What’s Happening Here?

Child Bloom

Here’s Looking at You

Our Breaths’ are Numbered

My Twisted Fate


In the Belly of the Beast

The Cauldron

SawanSingJi with Horse and Lion

Charcoal Rubbing I

Charcoal Rubbing II

Charcoal Rubbing Self Portrait

The Conversation

Riding the Karmic Wind

The Wheel of Life

Motherhood in the Times of Covid

The Anchor

Brothers – The Promise

In my Hands

The Family


The Egg – Jack in the Box

The Climbers

The Guardian

Thumbs Up


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